Cycling in Lodi area

The provinces of Pavia, Lodi, Cremona, Piacenza and Mantova present a dense network of cycle routes of over 2000 km of trails all on level ground and away from traffic.

The provinces of Pavia, Lodi, Cremona, Piacenza and Mantova present a dense network of cycle routes of over 2000 km of trails all on level ground and away from traffic, on country roads, secondary roads and bike paths.
The cycling network Po offers ample opportunities for hiking, a few kilometers from the ring routes to large multi-day tour.

Cycle paths in Po river
The suggestions of a journey that seems suspended in time: the silence of the river dominates everything, endless rows of poplars and the flight of herons accompany cyclists along the banks, very often closed to traffic, the longest river in Italy.
The small farming villages provide shelter and refreshment, the largest centers history and architectural beauty.
There are 5 days of travel for a distance of 244 km, short steps in order to have the time to visit the art cities, natural reserves and enjoy the tranquility of places. You can also start from Pavia adding a travel day and a half and 83 km route, along the third and fourth stage of the Via Francigena by bike.
More Info: Ciclovia del Po

Cyclotouristic itineraries in Lodi area
The Province of Lodi has organized a bike sharing service that allows you to pick up your bicycle at Casalpusterlengo, Via Matteotti corner of Via Caduti of Russia, and deliver it to other places where service is active (See attached file).
The territory of the Province of Lodi is in fact served by an extensive network of cycle lanes that reaches 250 km. A cyclopedonal network so branched to make that of gentle mobility a true "integrated bicycle system" capable of providing good intermodality with other means of transport and the cycling networks of neighboring provinces.
The lovers of bicycle will find in Lodi area the paradise of "slow tourism" thanks to the harmoniousness of a substantially flat territory, to a vast landscape of landscaping, artistic, gastronomic and naturalistic nature, characterized by the presence of numerous watercourses that still guarantee Today niches of precious biodiversity.

The main itineraries of the cycling network:
The Dorsal of the Adda, which runs through the whole province parallel to the river from the north to the Po;
The Ring of Lambro in the west of the territory;
Lodi's Periurbano Ring, which develops along the altitude roads of Canale Muzza and the Canale Belgiardino;
The Medio lodigiano connecting the main routes between them;
The Golena of Po, a cycling ring in the territory of the low lodigiano.
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Lodi area cycle map


GeoGuida multimedia "BiciLodi" is a smartphone and tablet app based on both Android and iOS systems, and illustrates the itineraries to be cycled in the territory of the Province of Lodi.
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Itineraries from Casalpusterlengo
Close to our hotel there is a short path connecting the Casalpusterlengo railway station with the Somaglia castle and the Po river in Gargatano, near the riverbed and the bicycle rental point.
Do not miss the Oasis of Monticchie at Somaglia, which can be reached with a short deviation when passing next to the Somaglia cemetery.
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Itinerary along the Via Francigena to discover Pavia and Piacenza
Always following the previous route until Orio Litta you can join the Via Francigena and follow the path that leads to Pavia to the north and Piacenza to the south.
Orio Litta - Pavia (51 km)
Orio Litta - Piacenza

Adda river cycle paths
At about 7 Km from our hotel (on a paved road) there is Castiglione d'Adda with another cycle path along Adda river. You can get here also with a longer route even through the bike paths.
From here you can reach Lodi
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